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ASA and British Swimming

ASA and British Swimming
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April 2014

From falling behind to fin-tastic

From falling behind to fin-tastic

Trying to keep up with your swim buddy during your training sessions can be difficult and often frustrating, particularly for those who find they have a weaker leg kick than most. Using a pair of fins can help you to build leg strength and get that extra edge
Fins are great for taking you from falling behind to fin-tastic, but they are also greatly beneficial in a number of other ways!
Click here to find out how to get the most out of your fins

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Hydration 'How-to': Sports drinks vs H20

Hydration 'How-to': Sports drinks vs H20

There are so many different sports drinks on the market today, each one offering something new, something different, something more beneficial than the last.
The big question is are there any benefits to using these kinds of drinks over good, old-fashioned H2O?
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Sign up for SwimBritain!

Sign up for SwimBritain!

SwimBritian is back! And bigger then ever in 2014! Be a part of the nation's biggest swimming initiative and get signed up today!
With nationwide team relay events throughout September it's the British Gas swimming campaign to improve Britain's health and fitness.
SwimBritain can also be entered as a family for a fun, exciting way to spend quality time together!
For more information click here
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