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Your essential backstroke tips

Back to basics: Your essential backstroke tips

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January 2014

Back to basics: Your essential Backstroke tips

Back to basics: Your essential Backstroke tips

Before most swimmers are able to look at backstroke technique, there are two very common worries with backstroke - hitting other people from veering off in a random direction and hitting your head on the wall at the end of the pool.
While they're both perfectly legitimate complaints, there's a simple fix for both. Here at Swimfit HQ will help you put an end to those backstroke bloopers!
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Shellfish: Friend or Foe

Shellfish: Friend or Foe

Most of us know that shellfish, along with most fish, is a great source of protein.
However, did you know that the body has to produce more heat to break it down? Meaning you will burn more calories just by consuming it!
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Get Speedo Fit with new technique-enhancing kit

Get Speedo Fit with new technique-enhancing kit

Speedo's new technique-enhancing suits feature strategically placed internal compression panels, which are not only light and comfortable, but are designed to heighten your awareness of key muscles,
The kit has also been developed with comfort in mind, which is why it includes new bust support for improved bust stability for women.
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