Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Stroke Rates Of Elite Swimmers

Brenton Ford
To Me
Today at 7:25 AM
Imagine knowing the stroke rates of elite
swimmers in EVERY event…
You could ensure your quality training is
performed within elite swimmers' stroke rates,
giving you extra speed in the pool.
You'll know exactly what cadence to target
and you can hit it in training during race pace
work (especially if you own a FINIS Tempo
Stroke rate chart. Click to download.

We'll be using Tempo Trainers on our Great
Ocean Road trip next week where we'll cover:

   - The 3 Steps To Finding Your Perfect Stroke Rate
   - How To Adjust Your Technique For Choppy
      Conditions & Maintain Speed Throughout A Race.
   - In-depth Analysis On Your Stroke With Underwater
      Filming To Unlock Extra Speed

   - Improving Your Long Distance Pace (Plus Sprint
     Speed For When You Need It)
Plus we're throwing in a free Tempo Trainer and
bottle of wine (from a local Surf Coast winery).
There's still a few spots available.
Join the Great Ocean Road trip today

Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

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