Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What is your experience in shoulder injuries related to swimming technique?

Professional Swim Coach

Mircea Olaru Mircea Olaru • Hi, [again by Google translate..., sorry],
"" What is your experience in shoulder injuries related to swimming technique ?""

I saw that the topic is discussed more comments . Unfortunately I did not read all [no I do not know English well ...] but in my experience, such accidents comme from the swimmer also from from the coach (normaly)....

What could be wrong swimmer to get in such a situation? Most seem to come from two causes linked: lack of mobility in the shoulder [ hereditary, genetic ] appropriate practice good swimming technique [ and that means more specific exercise / aerobics , fittnes ] .. . , and the second is weak or superficial heating of large joints before the jump in to water .
From the coach , and his reproach might be dropping out of sight of those two things ... either abuse swimming distance [ top aerobic zone / ' stady -state '] in the notion that endurance is the only way to obtain .. .. , obviously forcing the extension of high tempo joints can lead to cartilage damage and in such cases, fortuitous , swimmer have ' to take it easy ', a convenient time [ not to mention sports medicine procedures offered by fiziotherapie , pharmacopoeia , and so on ] .
Beginners do not raise such issues .. they appear especially large juniors or adults , but especially those in the ' masters ' where some former swimmers think they can do whatever they could to junior age ...
Swimming is a sport movement more remarkable smoothness results are explained by flexibility , this one can have from ' the mother ' or you can educate [ famous Michael Phelps , and always will be his first since the developments as a junior , before ordering ' start ' ... make some moves , he only used the longer require shoulder , once again , to be ' naughty ' and ' relax '. Perhaps this exercise and relaxation and heating shoulder ... it helps , always , the last few meters of the contest to bring victory !

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