Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Attention swimmers....

Attention Swimmers: Train harder and faster without touching the water


Dear Swimmer,
Want to know why your race times in the pool aren’t improving, no matter how many hours you put in?
Well, you’re probably going to think this is absurd, but it’s the truth.
You need to spend less time training in the water.
Surprised? You should be.
If you (or your coach) are caught up in the belief that the only way to get faster is through high volumes of training in the pool, then you won't progress further than your current competitive level.
Ask an elite coach or sports scientist what you need to do to improve your performance dramatically and they'll tell you that you need to top up your pool training with land-based work outs.
Not just any old exercises with weights, though.
I'm talking about highly-targeted movements, with added resistance, that replicate what you do in the water as closely as possible... so you can get strong in those specific motions and muscles.
Do this, and you'll gain that extra advantage over your rivals.
You might be sceptical now (like I used to be) but this really works. It's been proven in sports science trials with athletes (more on them in a moment) and it's the reason that top swimmers like Michael Phelps got to their lofty Olympic heights.
As the experts in sports-specific training advice, Peak Performance has created a 8-part swimming training plan – based on this evidence – that will help build and improve your:
Hip/trunk control
Stroke technique
It contains elite-level workouts – designed by top international coaches – that are ready for you to use right away; just them print off, and go! Best of all, you can get them all today, completely FREE of charge.
Simply take out a no-obligation trial to Peak Performance – the trusted global source of sports performance knowledge for athletes and coaches – for $1.97 and you can access and download your training programme instantly.
Decide it’s not for you, and you can cancel and get a full refund - plus keep your free swimming workouts.
Before I tell you about Peak Performance, let's look at your training pack in detail...

Your new training plan - tailored to a swimmer's needs

Remember: the difference between another average time in the pool and a brand-new PB could be in your FREE training workouts.
Strike the right balance between lengths in the water and hitting the gym and you’ll immediately see a leap in your performance.
Grab this elite swimming-specific training pack while you can, and put yourself ahead of your rivals.
You’ll be glad you did!
Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Pye
Publisher, Peak Performance

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