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Fast-Track to full-body flexibility

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“How To Enjoy Full-Body Flexibility - At Any Age…”

ANNOUNCING: Stretching for Sporting Success
Your Fast-Track To Functional Full-Body Flexibility

Stretching for Sporting Success

“It doesn’t matter what your sport is – simply use the effective stretching techniques in Stretching for Sporting Success to gain the winning edge over your competition (and supercharge your strength, power and endurance in the process)”

  • Why a proven stretching programme is a ‘must-have’ for any serious athlete (and how to develop a personalised workout regime ideal for you and your body)
  • The simple ways you can use stretching to avoid injury during competition (PLUS: how NOT to get injured during stretching training)
  • Proven, expert advice for effective stretching (with the latest scientifically-proven techniques, including dozens of injury-prevention exercises for your training programmes), and much, much more...

Good morning,
Ask most athletes “what are the keys to sporting success and achieving peak performance levels?”, and the chances are you’ll get more or less the same answers: speed, strength, muscle-building, endurance and the ‘mental’ side of preparation to name a few.
But ask any serious elite level athletes, coaches or trainers the same question, and they’ll give you the same answers – with TWO crucial extra factors…
Stretching and flexibility…
You see, most people pay lip service to stretching and flexibility, even though they know both can lead to a significant boost in performance.
For most athletes though, they’re also a fitness and exercise area shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding, raising more questions than answers, including:
“Which stretching exercises does my body need?”
“When should I stretch? Before or after training and competition?”
“How should I stretch for maximum benefit?”
“Should I do stretching exercises at all?”
The good news is that stretching is not a ‘heavy science’, and the fundamentals are simple to understand and apply in a practical sporting environment.
But while stretching is vitally important, and the resulting increase in flexibility can mean the difference between poor performance or injury and setting a personal best, the wrong type of stretching at the wrong time can actually reduce the amount of force your muscles are able to generate.
Unfortunately, the crucial information needed for turning potential into functional flexibility is almost impossible to find, and tends to be jealously guarded by the elite level coaches, trainers and athletes privy to these stretching success secrets.
So where can you find practical, effective stretching information from a proven expert?
Easy to use information which provides simple stretching strategies and techniques you can implement into your daily life, information provided in a simple to follow format ideal for all ability levels – at a price anyone can afford.
Fortunately, there’s now a reliable source of proven, practical and pain-free tips, techniques and advice you can use to develop effective stretching programmes to help you avoid crippling injuries and boost your performance levels – when you need it most…
And it’s called Stretching for Sporting Success. 

Simply click on the link below and complete your details. Once we receive your details, you’ll be able to access your copy of Stretching for Sporting Success’ in an easily downloadable PDF format within 48 hours.
Stretching for Sporting Success’ explodes the myths and clears the confusion about stretching.
You’ll have no more worrying about which exercises to use (or not use). Instead, it provides everything you need to know to keep you flexible (for improved performance) and injury free.
Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Pye
Editor, Peak Performance

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