Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't let age be an excuse

Don't let age be an excuse

Sports Performance Bulletin

Introducing the Ageless Athlete…

The elite individual who doesn't accept decreased performance as a symptom of age. Who doesn't accept that he is past his personal best.

Ageless Athlete
"Six years ago I thought I had reached the end of my running career. I was constantly suffering at the hands of a knee injury, and my times had dropped considerably. My body seemed like it was just giving up. I felt old and I'd lost the one thing that had kept me running for over thirty-five years: motivation.
Since reading The Ageless Athlete I have been able to pin point problem areas in my training and my body has started to recover. What's more, my confidence has grown and I wake up everyday anticipating the day's training. As a result I have reduced my 100m time by 0.7 seconds, my 200m time from 29.5 to 26.5 and my 400m time from 66.3 to 60.8… I'm now beating competitors half my age."
Lionel Frost, Runner, 51 years old
This guy is special. His dedication to sport is not affected by his age. If anything he uses it as his motivation and not an excuse.
He knows that knowledge, coupled with years of training experience, provides him with the power to reach the pinnacle of his sporting career even though he is entering his fifties. And he certainly isn't afraid to compete with athletes half his age, because he knows he can match them step for step… he knows that he can BEAT them.
Dear fellow sports enthusiast,
I know that Lionel isn't alone. There are thousands of you out there, for whom sport is as much a part of your life today as it was when you left school. But many of you just can't seem to get the results you used to from your training programme. You acknowledge that with age comes decreased performance. It's the body's natural way of slowing down. Right?
Which is exactly why I'm writing to you today. When I heard about Lionel's story I couldn't wait to share the secrets of his success with you. We've put together a new bible, written for veteran athletes, by veteran athletes. The Ageless Athlete is a comprehensive online resource for masters crammed with cutting-edge sports science information that slices through the age old myths surrounding sports performance and the over forties.
It covers a comprehensive range of subjects with one principle focus: how to overcome the consequences of getting older and still produce winning performances, stay healthy and, most importantly, continue to enjoy yourself.
This is an invaluable resource for any sports enthusiast over the age of forty and I genuinely believe that it will help athletes like you shake off long standing beliefs that age is a debilitating illness that puts an end to a sporting career. After all, each volume contains case studies of real athletes who have committed themselves to sporting excellence throughout their lives and see age as no reason to quit.
When you order The Ageless Athlete you will receive a four part guide to staying fit and competitive for the rest of your life:
  • Part 1 - Training for Master Athletes - individual retail value $44.99
  • Part 2 - Running for Masters: Starting Out - individual retail value $44.99
  • Part 3 - Speed Development for Masters - individual retail value $44.99
  • Part 4 - Endurance Training for Masters - individual retail value $44.99
Collectively, each of the four volumes that make up The Ageless Athlete should retail at over $178.99 but I am offering them to you at a special introductory rate of only $1.97, saving you $177.02.
If this isn't enough, my offer comes with a full money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you decide The Ageless Athlete doesn't deliver what it promises, let us know and we'll refund your money in full, immediately and without question.
Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Pye
Publisher, Peak Performance
p.s. If you want to discover the true value of The Ageless Athlete read on. It will change your attitude towards the sports performance vs. age quandary forever.

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