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la noi i se spune :"FEBRA DE START"

I would love to get everyone's input on how to relax swimmers before a championship race. I have one swimmer in particular that is very tense before big races.

Bob Steele

Bob Steele • Relaxation and Visualization Drills - Check out resources for a 15 questions evaluation assessment test with scoring for how he/she best visualizes and then 7 exercises to help, prior to THE meet. At the meet have them sit in a quiet area and build a model airplane or car or boat. Occupy their mind with something other than swimming, ipad, iphone... During goal setting exercises make steps in low progressions which when met can always be raised. Focus on the process not the result.
Good Luck

Andrew Sellers

Andrew Sellers • Check out Bob's book!

I use visualization, sketch pads, books, game systems, stretch cords, ropes, sleeping mask, and ear plugs.

I also tend to recommend nervous athletes stay away from mom and dad depending on the parents level of intensity.

The other thing I do with my older swimmers is to create a meet management plan where they create a to do list for the entire meet. This will include warm-up/warm down routines and stretches. I ask the swimmers to make this as detailed as possible some goofy things I make them include:
>What songs they are listening to
>What pre-event questions they may have

It is a fun exercise and the swimmers enjoy it. We share and discuss what each swimmer is nervous about.

Eve Julian

Eve Julian • I have my swimmers write what they are nervous or worried about on a card and put it in an envelope that I carry with me. I tell them that I will take care of their worries so all they have to do is swim. We do this for the 2 weeks of taper all the way through championships. It seems to work well for some of them - the simple act of writing down what they're worried about is enough to relieve the stress. I never look at the cards and they know it, so they can write down anything.

Bryan C. Christiansen

Bryan C. Christiansen • I try to have my swimmers keep things in perspective and emphasize the fun parts of competition rather than any pressure to succeed. Oftentimes the kids put the most pressure on themselves, especially if they are stressing out over cut times. I tell them to have confidence in themselves and rely their training. If they have put the work in the past few weeks, champs should be a cinch. Focus on having a good swim rather than the cut times and those great swims will come.

Some other great ideas have been posted here, I don't have my kids write anything down, but that seems like it would be really helpful - any way they can express their fears and work through their anxiety is really therapeutic. Like what many people have said, this shouldn't be done on Meet Day, but rather the weeks leading up to it. Preparation is the key to success!

Cheryl Blankenship, BSN, RN-BC • Thanks everyone for your help. I think next year before our championship meet, we'll talk about how to prepare mentally for the meet. I agree, Bryan, I think we need to deal with the fears and anxiety in the weeks before just as much as the physical preparation. Next near, we'll add it to our championship prep!

Mircea Olaru
Mircea Olaru • Found un good maseur... and poot togeder in the last few minute befor the Start.. ‚ also, one reflexo-therapeut can be indicated or one specialist Psy.....

Richard Chrz

Richard Chrz • I have often looked past the mental prepardness on the day of the meet, thinking these are age group swimmers. With that being said, I realized the opportunities I was missing out on. So before our conference championships this year i spent a good 45 minutes with them, going over race day prep, and how they need to step away from team mates about 10 minutes prior to the event and go sit by themselves with a towel over their head maybe some music on and run through the race in there head, start, what they do as soon as they hit the water, stroke count, how many breaths, what does there first turn need to look like, etc... I noticed a great deal of improvement in their events after we had this conversation. We also took Conference championship title on this day, by 2 points. So I am thinking it made an impact.

Mircea Olaru
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