Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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[Effortless Swimming] How To Stop Pulling Across Your Body + 2 more videos


Pulling across your body is common,
but there's a more effective way to pull.

All it takes is the slightest change to
your rotation to fix this one.

Watch the video here

I've also been asked lately about when
to use fins in training. In our squad
there a four things we use them
for most.

  • D___s
  • ___ing
  • S___d
  • F__ & P___
Watch the video on fins here

If you've been watching these videos
regularly you'll know I talk a lot about

It's important!

But there's a few things you should know
before you make a change to your own

What you should know before you change your technique!

If you like the videos I'd love it if you
share them with your fellow water

Unless of course you're keeping these
secret so you get the edge on them ;)


Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

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