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The FINIS Circuit Trainer is ideal for group dry-land, gym, and water sessions as it permits the instructor to be free from any logistical calculations surrounding a set, allowing them to direct their full attention towards what matters - their athletes. Features adjustable horn blasts to signal the end of a circuit and programmable time periods!
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New price: US $29.99

Bob Steele's book of fascinating and motivating workouts can be found on the shelves of some of the most successful coaches in the world! Featuring more than 300 sets that will keep your swimmers engaged, this book is a must-have for coaches everywhere!

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Special price (through Feb 13): US $25.99!

Made of high-quality rubber, these fins are guaranteed to hold their shape longer and provide maximum comfort. The specialized V channel and blade width give you maximum performance without overexerting the legs, allowing you to kick faster longer!

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Special price (through Feb. 13): US $35.95!

Everything to enable parents to assist their children to excel in the sport of swimming and in life is in this book! Written for parents of new swimmers, junior swimmers and age group swimmers up to the age of 18 years, all your questions about the sport will be answered.

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Special Price (through Feb. 13): US $19.99

Give the swimming fan in your life a subscription to the magazine filled with news, features and results from aquatic sports. Special gift card included.

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