A special offer from Peak Performance available only during the Olympics
The Secret Training Drills of Olympic Gold Medalists
Dear Mircea,
Let’s be honest: The Olympics have very little to do with real sport.
Every four years, the great five-ringed circus rolls into a city somewhere in the world, absorbing the heat and light of global attention for a few weeks. Yes, we see great feats of endurance, speed and strength, but what does it really have to do with sport as we know and love it?
How can you – without access to expensive coaches, vast resources and state-of-the-art training facilities – benefit from the Olympic Games?
I’m here to tell you.
Countries like the USA, UK, China and Australia have poured millions into sports research in order to win Olympic medals – even at a time when in some countries, like the UK, sports funding has been slashed.
That research has led to breakthroughs in training techniques, new findings and advances that will see records tumble as they do every four years.
We can't turn you into an Olympic athlete, but we can make sure you benefit too.
To make this happen, I asked our team of expert writers to create three special 'knowledge packs' to show athletes like you how to apply the secrets of gold-winning Olympic athletes to your own training.
My team - some of whom, such as David Joyce, actually work with Olympic athletes - have done me proud.
They have pulled together a wealth of training advice, rare knowledge and secret tips that you can start applying to your training today (if you're a coach, you will be able to pass it on to the athletes you work with).
We even watched some of the world's top sprinters performing their secret training drills...and can now reveal how they do it.
These special gifts, will only be available for free during these Olympic Games. After that, we will have to charge for them. In fact, giving them away is costing us a lot of money - but I'm so excited about the Olympics I don't care!
Here, take them!
They are yours for free with a 2-month trial membership of Peak Performance.
Read on for full details of everything you get and what it will do for you. I can't wait to hear your stories of how it's transformed your training.
Best wishes,
Jonathan Pye
Publisher, Peak Performance