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Ten Most Modern Stadium in the World

ma intreb cand vom avea si noi un 'stadion nautic' asa cum au deja vecinii nostri, din Sud...
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Subject: Ten Most Modern Stadium in the World
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Sports play a Vital role in our lives, it is important to build any nation. That is why we see all developed nations have built huge stadiums, they are built to host sports events, competitions and friendly matches. Sports is a sign of a good health of any nation. Have a look at ten most artistically built stadiums in the world.

1. Yoyogi National Gymnasium Tokyo Japan

A typical Japanese architecture “The Yoyogi National Gymnasium” is located in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan. It has a capacity to accommodate 13,291 audiences. The distinguishing characteristic of the Stadium is the suspension roof on top the building. The stadium is mainly used to house ice hockey, basketball.

2. Olympiastadion Germany

A beautifully built stadium of Munich is a popular landmark in the city, and it has held many international sports event since Summer Olympic in 1972. It is not relatively new spot in the list but still holds it importance in the Germany.

3. Beijing National Stadium

Beijing National Stadium or the Bird’s nest in Beijing was mainly purposed to house Olympic and Paralympics in 2008. Total cost to build the Bird’s nest was US$ 423 million and it is known as the largest steel construction in the world.

4. Beijing National Aquatics Center

This stadium was designed and built for 2008 Olympic for swimming competition. “The Beijing National Aquatics Centre” has a nickname the Water Cube and it was built side by side with Beijing National Stadium.

5. Wembley Stadium London.

Wembley is the second largest soccer stadium in the world. It was built in 2007 hosts the final of FA cup, along with leagues play off matches. It is the most expensive stadium ever built so far. It has capacity of 90000 people.

6. Qi Zhong stadium Shanghai China

A flower shaped roof top resembles a Blooming magnolia, the official Shanghai’s flower, when it is opened. “The Qi Zhong Stadium” is located in Shanghai and it is marked with 8 sliding petal-shaped steel on the roof. The roof can be closed when needed for indoor activities.

7 .Allianz Arena Munich Germany

The biggest in Germany and in the world “Allianz Arena” is a soccer stadium located in the North of Munich. The exterior of the stadium is covered by lighting panels and it is the biggest in the world. It turns white when German National team plays, red when Bayern Munich performs and Blue when 1860 Munich matches.

8. Olympic Stadium Quebec Canada

It is multifunctional stadium and has stayed in the city since Summer Olympics in 1976 It is located in Quebec Canada. It has capacity to accommodate 56,400 audiences. It is also used for live concerts and trade exhibitions as well. Although it is old, but not behind to be included in to ten list of stadiums.

9. Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi

A Formula 1 tracks and stadium “ Yas Marina Circuit” was built in Abu Dhabi. It is the 2nd of its kind built in middle east, we hope to see many more coming in near future in the middle east.

10.Oita Stadium Japan

The “Big Eye” Oita Stadium was designed as a multipurpose sports stadium by Kisho Kurokawa. Mostly, it is used as a match arena for
soccer clubs around Oita and Japan. It is located in the Oita city in Japan.

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