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Claim your free sports watch now!

Claim your free sports watch now!

Friday, March 9, 2012 12:35 PM
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Sports Performance Bulletin

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Good morning,

Created and utilized by coaches, athletes, personal trainers and certified nutritionists, Peak Performance has gone from strength to strength since its launch.

And, to celebrate our success we are offering you a $1.97 trial to Peak Performance with a free elite sports performance watch – which will provide you with the tools you need to improve your sporting performance beyond recognition.

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It's the perfect opportunity to melt that fat from your frame like a snake shedding its old skin, replacing it with lean muscle and a dramatically improved performance!

Over the next twelve months, we are inviting you to try out an amazing new dynamic power workout that you can complete in under an hour which will show immediate, impressive results in improving your strength, mobility and stamina, plus a flexibility workout to help resolve any potential weak spots and improve your overall motion range, and much, much more.

Each of these workouts can be found in a series of great special reports available with your Peak Performance subscription.

Below are just a few examples of the content available to you as a Peak Performance member, which will give you an idea of the sort of exclusive information you are being offered. With this offer, the entire archive of Peak Performance member's only content is yours immediately (plus much more including access to two superb video libraries).

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It’s worth $50, but will prove far more valuable to you in each and every training session, thanks to several key features including:

  • Robust, streamlined design. With a matt alloy case and PVC strap
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  • Water resistance to 30 meters
  • Stopwatch (to hundredths of a second)
  • Electro-luminous backlight (sometimes referred to as EL backlight)

Thank you for taking the time out to read this message and I look forward to helping you make 2012 your best year ever!

Kind regards,

Jonathan Pye Sig

Jonathan Pye
Publisher, Peak Performance

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“The warm-up routines, circuit training and core exercise regimes have been of great benefit. Peak Performance is amazingly informative - packed full of information.”
Stuart Ellison, Runner - up to and over 1500m, UK

paper tear

Sports Psychology: Minding the injury

Did you know, there are just four stages an injured athlete will go though on the road to recovery? Peak Performance explains...

Every athlete, regardless of his or her skill level, will go through a grieving process after incurring an injury - without exception. In 1969, Kubler-Ross first outlined the stages of grief a person goes through when facing a serious or career ending injury, death or serious disease prognosis.

An understanding of the four stages of managing grief: denial, anger, depression and acceptance will help you in supporting the athlete through them.


At the beginning, the athlete cannot believe the injury is severe or that it will impact their ability to continue with their sport. They may still believe in the myth that “no pain means no gain”. If so, they have been living under a rock for quite some time. Pain is an indicator that something has gone wrong and needs immediate attention. The realization that the pain is stopping them from participating leads to the next stage.


Denial quickly turns to anger as the reality of the situation settles in and the athlete is forced by the circumstances to alter or even stop their participation in their sport. Recovery is often not an easy path and the athlete becomes frustrated and more irritated with the pace of the rehabilitation process. At this point, the coach is in an ideal position to be a sounding board for the athlete’s exasperation, and help ease their aggressiveness toward the athletic trainers who are trying to get them back in shape. Realizing the athlete is angry at their loss of ability to perform, their loss of power over what has happened to them and the current situation they now find themselves in are important points to keep in mind while dealing with the individual.


Self worth becomes an issue at this point in the process and depression sets in due to the reality of the situation now being fully realized. The athlete begins to feel as though he or she has no physical or emotional control. The team continues onward without them, which leaves a void in their life and this leads to feelings of isolation, further self-doubt and lowering of their self-esteem. Hope for a successful outcome becomes cloudy and they may not see any good coming from the rehabilitation process.

This stage is incredibly difficult, but it's important to remember here the progress they have made and keep them engaged in their recovery. Once they have completed the journey through this stage, they enter the final one, acceptance and recovery begins in earnest.

Learn to run like a Kenyan champion

This groundbreaking new report includes reinforced explanations defining the concepts and practicalities of Kenyan running techniques.

We haven't just researched why the Kenyan's have been so successful but also how you can adopt these methods into your training and drastically improve your performance.

You will discover the theories behind the success of the Kenyans and take away vital information that you can use in your very own training, such as:

  • A World Cross-Country Championship training plan
  • How you can improve your running efficiency
  • How to change and improve your race pacing technique
  • Training tips on how to improve your 800m performance

All of this is geared around helping you improve your performance and implement training techniques that your opponents are simply not aware of.

Bulletproof your body against injury

Peak Performance will tell you how stop yourself from getting injured, with extensive and regular advice that will show you how to avoid pain and injuries in:

  • the knee
  • the foot
  • the buttocks
  • the achilles tendon

And if you are suffering from an injury, we'll tell you how to get over it.

Achilles tendonitis (sometimes spelled 'tendinitis) can happen to any runner at any time, and put them out of action. But do you know what causes achilles tendonitis injuries and how you can treat it? Some of the causes include:

  • Overuse and changes in training
  • Tight calf muscles and overpronation
  • Wearing the wrong shoes
  • Lack of ankle stability

As a member of Peak Performance, you'll receive a constant flow of invaluable information that will tell you how to spot, prevent and banish the vast majority of injuries that plague runners and cause so much frustration.

It's our mission to keep every one of our readers free from injury.

78% of Peak Performance members told us that since starting to read Peak Performance they have had fewer injuries.

Further examples of the members-only articles you’ll receive with your Half Price Peak Performance subscription:

With Peak Performance membership, you receive brand-new training plans and workouts every week. There are currently over 130 available for you to download now and that number increases on a weekly basis. As well as your cycling workouts, available training plans include:

  • Weight Training Pack - A 7-part course aimed at developing muscle size and power in your upper and lower body: Value $8.00
  • 40 Simple Leg Exercises - Aimed at improving strength, power and flexibility in your legs: value $8.00
  • Circuit Training For All Sports - A fantastic and varied way of improving your fitness, endurance and agility $8.00
  • Endurance Training Pack - Improve whole-body muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness value $8.00
  • Speed Training for Sprinting - a 6-part training programme to boost your sprinting speed: Value $16.00
  • The Complete Strength Training Guide - An in-depth 8-part programme designed to improve every aspect of your strength
  • The top 15 resistance exercises - Value $16.00
  • The Dynamic Power Workout - These pre-workout exercises can give a valuable boost to competitive performance: Value $8.00
  • Coaches' Training Secrets - Including Crash Training; Sizzling 'Super sets'; endurance training; over-training and how to prevent back injuries: Value $8.00
  • Running Training Programme - A 6-part course aimed at improving triathletes’ running strength and power: Value $8.00
  • Master Athletes Training - A 3-part course aimed at maintaining your speed: Value $8.00
  • Hydration Therapy - What is the best choice of drink for athletes?: Value $8.00
  • Flexibility Special - Everything you need to know about the benefits of flexibility and how to implement it into your training: Value $8.00
  • Introduction to Core Stability - How to treat and prevent injury with core stability training: Value $8.00
  • Introduction to Knee Pain - Your guide to treating and preventing knee injuries: Value $8.00
  • Plyometric Training Pack - A 9-stage workout programme using plyometric exercises to improve balance and power value $8.00
  • Coaching Young Athletes - A 5-part pack providing specific instructions on how to train young athletes value $8.00

Peak Performance members also receive access to over 300 training videos and sport science research articles:

  • Changing perspectives in sports nutrition - what has the past decade taught us?
  • Mind over matter - ten years of advances in sports psychology.
  • Key breakthroughs in endurance and strength training and what they mean for athletes.
  • Train low, race high - an update on the latest research into low-glycogen training.
  • Psychological momentum - what does it take to 'get on a roll'?
  • Protein in sports drinks for performance - just how effective is it?
  • Mental toughness - are you hard enough?
  • How slouching can ruin your sport and your health...
  • A new resistance-based approach to beating back pain.
  • The very latest research on the benefits of inspiratory muscle training...
  • Overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome; a personal perspective
  • The athleticogenomic revolution that is set to change sport...
  • Why triathletes don't need extra sodium...
  • Un-banned drug may be ergogenic after all...
  • Exercise intensity and weight loss...
  • Why cycling could be more than just a cross training tool for non-cyclists...
  • Using body composition monitoring for better sports performance...
  • Whole body vibration training and sprinting...
  • Accidental doping risks...
  • Why low-fat, high-protein diets might not be best for strength athletes...
  • An exclusive, complete, strength and conditioning program for serious competitors...
  • Why you need to load up with protein as well as carbs after exercise...

If the information above doesn't convince you of the value and benefits of Peak Performance, our members say it best:

Darran West Testimonial

"Peak Performance is about convenience and being able to source quality information easily. How could you not like that? As an 'athlete' I'm always looking for new ways to break through the platos, free up the repetition and to achieve continuous improvement. I'm sure like most people, training and working limits the research time so having Peak Performance at my finger tips is a big help."
Darran West, Adelaide, Australia

Samuel Leng Testimonial

"I already have a sound knowledge in most areas of physical development but Peak Performance provides a more defined explanation and argument regarding certain matters. The thorough research behind the information that PP produces provides me with the most up to date information and in doing so ensures that the advice that I give is correct and current."
Samuel Leng, Portsmouth, UK

Lucy Rann Testimonial

"Peak Performance has been a great source of information as an athlete returning to competition. I can never get enough information and enjoy reading up on new training methods, theories and new research. Overall for the resources available its great value for money and my subscription will continue for many years to come."
Lucy Rann, UK

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