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Digital Edition of the November-December issue of Splash now ONLINE!

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November-December issue of Splash now ONLINE!
December 14, 2011
The digital edition of the November-December issue of Splash is now available online and as a mobile app for your iPad and iPhone. Here are some of the features you’ll find in this issue:

Top 10 Swims of the Year
While 2012 might be on everyone’s mind, 2011 hasn’t been devoid of remarkable events, especially after Shanghai’s World Championships. Dave Durden, head coach of the University of California’s men team and an assistant coach of the men’s Worlds team, along with Russell Mark, a member of USA Swimming’s National Team High Performance staff, weigh in on what made the top races of 2011 so successful.

Splash Digital Edition Extra: Watch videos of each race.

All Hands on Deck
In the old days – that would be the pre-Internet days for those of you born after 1993 – swimmers could earn patches for various accomplishments in the pool. Once earned, the patches could be sewn to a warm-up jacket or gym bag as a sign of achievement, much like a general wears medals and stripes. This year, USA Swimming has taken this patch distribution and recognition program -- called Deck Pass – virtual and viral.

Splash Digital Edition Extra: Watch a Deck Pass Promotional Video

Pan Am-azing!
Team USA dominated the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, winning 46 medals, including 18 gold, 19 silver and nine bronze. In fact, the American women won all but three gold medals contested over the course of the meet. Here’s a look back at how the U.S. fared on each day of the eight-day competition.

Splash Digital Edition Extra: Watch the Pan Am races on

Technique Tips: The 200m Butterfly
It’s an event always in the running for the hardest event in the pool. The 200 butterfly requires speed, strength, endurance and mental toughness. It’s also an event that demands a well-practiced technique and strategy to successfully stave off swimming vertically the last 25 yards. Splash spoke with Brad Brockway, head coach of Kingfish Aquatic Club in Waterford, Michigan, about drills and race strategies designed to help train for and navigate this tricky event.

Splash Digital Edition Extra: More video tips on swimming the 200 butterfly from National Teamers Kathleen Hersey, Tyler Clary and National Team Coach Jon Urbanchek.

Dryland Exercise: Hip Flexor Stretch with Thoracic Rotation
By helping increase range of motion around the hips and the thoracic spine, this one simple drill is a great way to help guard against injuries. It will simultaneously free up hip flexors that are tight from doing too much flutter kick and lead to better stroking mechanics due to increased thoracic mobility.

Splash Digital Edition Extra: Watch a video demonstration of the exercise.

Training with… Dana Vollmer
Imagine not having the energy to finish a normal workout. Or what if you were too tired to compete at a four-day meet? Or, what if you found the 200 free simply too exhausting to race? That’s exactly what happened to Olympic and World Championships gold medalist Dana Vollmer. Read about it in this issue of Splash.

Splash Digital Edition Extra: Watch a video of Vollmer’s world championship race.

Getting to Know
Get to know Olympian and four-time world champion Kate Ziegler.

Splash Digital Edition Extra: Watch a video of Kate’s favorite things.

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