Forget everything you've been told about endurance training...

You can beat fatigue and leave your opposition behind -- if you follow this proven training method.

Dear Mircea,

When competing or training, how long is it before your body starts to feel tired...

Before your muscles begin to ache, and you find it hard to breathe?

Or worse, before your rivals outpace or outplay you?

There's nothing more frustrating, especially when you've been training ‘by the book' and doing everything you've been told is right...

So where is it all going wrong?

I'll tell you. The one key element missing is... more endurance training!

"But surely endurance training is just for endurance athletes?"

Not anymore.

There aren't many sports today where a sportsman or woman doesn't require endurance.

Whether you're an ‘explosive' track and field athlete or a tennis player, it is your ability to resist fatigue – to stay as close to your peak for as long as possible – that's going to play a deciding part in whether you are a winner... or not.

You only have to look at the great team sports to know that the champions are always those who can consistently perform at the highest level from start to finish in a game/match, and repeat that form throughout the entire season.

Think about it...

A lack of stamina not only hampers your physical performance; it can cause you to make unforced technical or tactical errors, as increasing tiredness affects your mental alertness and reaction times.

You can eliminate all of this.

How? By focusing on the following goals in your training:

  • Increasing your all-over cardiovascular fitness and strength
  • Improving your muscles' ability to deal with repetitive or explosive contractions
  • Training your tendons to store and release energy as required

And all of this can be achieved through whole-body endurance workouts you can complete at the gym, or at home, in around 30 minutes...

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It makes sense.

And yet, so many athletes are still overlooking endurance training.

They think it doesn't apply to them, because they're not competing over long distances, or need to be able to find a sudden rush of energy to make a final push to the finish.

These are the athletes that will always fail to reach – and maintain – their peak.

I don't want that to happen to you.

So with your permission, let me give you my brand-new Endurance Training for All Sports Pack, free of charge today.

It contains ready-made, stamina-boosting circuits, workouts and exercises that you can slot straight into your existing training; each one is designed to enhance your strength, muscular endurance and all-round cardiovascular fitness.

When you can compete at near maximum output, time after time, round after round, you'll battle back against those opponents that are currently outdoing you, no problem.

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The new rules for fighting fatigue

Let me dispel one common myth right away: endurance training isn't about going on long, boring runs.

Today, I'm proposing a high-intensity/low-volume approach that's challenging and full of variety.

You'll perform exercises that push your body's capabilities further than before, and use equipment such as free weights, medicine balls and exercise bands.

"That's great, but what proof do you have that it works?"

Because it's based on scientific findings.

This isn't mere theory or opinion.

For the last 15 years, I've published Peak Performance – the leading research newsletter on stamina, strength and fitness for sport.

Our training advice and plans are founded on evidence from trials conducted at leading sports science research facilities around the globe.

My team of elite-level coaches and professionals pore over technical journals (such as The Journal of Applied Physiology and Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sports) and turn the latest findings into practical workouts for you – the athlete who wants to raise their game and start winning.

These guys already use the endurance training circuits and exercises in my pack with their own clients – some of whom are Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

When you see the Peak Performance name against a training plan, you know that we've created it for one reason: because it works.

Train just like the world's elite – get my Endurance Training Pack, free of charge.

Turn 'traditional' endurance thinking on its head

This question from Nick Grantham, an elite-level strength and conditioning coach, was the key reason I put this pack together:

"What if intensity and not volume is really the key
for unlocking your endurance potential?"

The 'accepted' method of training to develop endurance has traditionally followed a 'long and slow' approach – working on volume of work, before shifting to intensity in the run-up to competition (e.g. starting with those long, boring runs!)

I promised you a different approach today. And here it is:

Reverse periodisation.

A bonus article in your pack from Nick explains the thinking behind this lesser-known, highly-effective approach to training.

He tells you the reasons why starting with short, high-intensity efforts first, and then moving onto developing that intensity over larger volumes, is more beneficial for athletes...

And not just the endurance ones.

Only by forcing your body to adapt to working hard (as you will with my stamina-boosting workouts!) will you be able to sustain fitness and energy levels throughout an optimum period. Not the other way round.

Nick's article makes for compelling reading if you're an endurance athlete who's struggling to surpass your current PB...

How can you expect to see improvements if you just follow the same training patterns over and over again?

Unlocking the benefits of reverse periodisation might just do the trick.

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Teach your body to work harder and for longer

Introduce my high-intensity workouts into your training, and you'll quickly see your overall fitness, strength and stamina levels improve.

Your body will deliver oxygen more effectively, in order to keep your energy levels up and muscles working...

And as you strengthen and elongate your muscles – through targeted movements, with or without resistance – they'll be able to contract and exert power/speed for longer, meaning you maintain a consistent level of output.

Soon, you'll find that you won't need to slow down, or stop completely, to build yourself back up again in competition.

You'll have the energy ready and waiting in reserve, while your opponents start to flag and fail to keep up.

If you're determined to succeed in your sport, claim your free Endurance Training Pack and get the tools you need to beat fatigue and perform better.

The real beauty of these workouts is that you can adapt them to fit around your individual needs.

I'm not suggesting that you throw out your entire training routine to focus on endurance training.

Think of it as the 'icing on the cake'... the missing element that will make you a more powerful, formidable athlete.

You simply focus on the exercises/workouts that will be of most benefit to you and your sport. (More on those in a moment.)

They're all time-efficient too.

You'll be able to do them before you go to work, during your lunch break, or whenever you can fit them in...

Even when you're away from home and don't have access to a gym.

You won't get bored as you train, and the results of your efforts will be clear and measurable. (The looks on your rivals' faces will be worth it alone!)

So there's no reason why you shouldn't click on the link below now, and prove your desire to be the athlete that outlasts the competition.

But maybe you want to know more first...

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Build up your stamina with quick, ready-to-go workouts

The workouts in your free pack prepare your body for extended periods of competition, and involve a variety of cardiovascular, weightlifting and plyometric exercises.

Some will get your heart racing, blood pumping and muscles working in new ways, while others look at strengthening specific parts of the body.

Once you get your pack, you can print off all 8 workouts for use straight away (no planning required!), which includes:

  • Endurance Training for Sport (x 3)

Suitable for intermediate/advanced athletes

Enhance your all-round endurance and aerobic fitness with 3 challenging workouts of stretches, presses, lifts, pulls and more. A focus on elevating post-exercise metabolic rate and EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) will also help burn fat.

  • Endurance and Strength Training for Fitness (x 3)

Ideal for those looking for time effective workouts

3 whole-body workouts that combine endurance and strength work to boost your all-round fitness, such as presses, pulls, jumps, lifts, and stretches. 2 circuits have an additional emphasis on pulling action and strengthening the trunk area.

  • Quick and Easy Bodyweight Endurance Workout (x 1)

No gym equipment required!

Target muscular endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness with these 10 great bodyweight exercises. Handy if you do not have access to a gym, or are away from one for short periods of time.

  • Ball and Band Circuits (x 1)

Explosive exercises for those of moderate fitness level and above

Improve your whole-body muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness with 8 high-intensity plyometric exercises using medicine balls and exercise bands, such as pulls, slams and thrusts.

There's no reason why you couldn't start on these workouts later today, or tomorrow.

I've included all the information you need to get going.

Clear, step-by-step explanations for each exercise will ensure that you perform each one correctly, and without harm.

And reps, sets, warm up/cool down guidance and the equipment required for the workouts are all stated for you.

No guess work here. You'll know exactly what to do, and why.

Example Endurance & Strength Exercise:
Spotty Dogs

This exercise primarily strengthens your lower back muscles, especially the erector spinae, as you extend opposite arm and leg. This group of muscles are responsible for back extension and help control the trunk and pelvis when running.

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Peak Performance: elite-level advice for serious athletes

So why am I offering you this package of proven endurance training workouts free of charge?

Simple: because I want serious, dedicated athletes like you to see the difference that increasing your staying power has on your performance.

I wouldn't be telling you all of this if I didn't know how vital it was to the modern sportsman or woman.

These training plans are yours, right now, if you want them.

All I ask is one small favour in return...

Pay $1.97 for a two-month, risk-free trial to Peak Performance – the world's #1 source of advice for athletes, coaches, and sports science students - and I will give you instant access to your Endurance Training for All Sports Pack, plus a whole range of other training and performance goodies.

During your trial, you'll discover secrets that the sporting elite don't want you to have; training techniques and findings that are usually reserved for top-level professional athletes and coaches.

In each issue of this monthly newsletter, our team persuades top coaches, physicians, sports nutritionists, physiologists, and psychologists to share their winning secrets with you.

We strip away the scientific jargon and mathematics, and distil the research into pragmatic training, nutrition, exercise, and performance techniques, in plain English that's easy and fun to read and absorb.

You get a steady stream of scientifically proven sports performance breakthroughs that you can put to work immediately, to help you achieve significant gains in stamina, strength, and fitness.

You also get practical training tips geared toward the specific sports you love to play, including: swimming ... running ... triathlon ... gymnastics ... football ... rugby ... tennis ... basketball ... baseball ... bodybuilding ... martial arts ... cycling ... rowing ... golf ... and many more.

We'll show you how to beat your own best performance ... as well as crush your competitors into the ground!

Here's just a sample of the sports performance secrets readers discovered in recent issues of Peak Performance:

  • Changing perspectives in sports nutrition - what has the past decade taught us?
  • Psychology: Catch a positive mood in your team and prevent the spread of the blues
  • Abdominal training: Why developing a six-pack is not just about vanity!
  • Warm ups: What does the latest research say about warming up for safer and more effective sport performance?
  • Strength training: A safer approach to four popular gym exercises
  • The leucine connection: new evidence on the muscle-building benefits of leucine
  • Injury: understanding and dealing with hernia in sport
  • Training: how to construct a comprehensive and effective recovery strategy
  • Mind over matter - ten years of advances in sports psychology.
  • Train low, race high - an update on the latest research into low-glycogen training.
  • Psychological momentum - what does it take to 'get on a roll'?
  • Protein in sports drinks for performance - just how effective is it?
  • Mental toughness - are you hard enough?
  • How slouching can ruin your sport and your health...
  • A new resistance-based approach to beating back pain.
  • The very latest research on the benefits of inspiratory muscle training...
  • Overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome; a personal perspective
  • The athleticogenomic revolution that is set to change sport...
  • Why triathletes don't need extra sodium...
  • Un-banned drug may be ergogenic after all...
  • Exercise intensity and weight loss...
  • Why cycling could be more than just a cross training tool for non-cyclists...
  • Using body composition monitoring for better sports performance...
  • Whole body vibration training and sprinting...
  • Accidental doping risks...
  • Why low-fat, high-protein diets might not be best for strength athletes...
  • An exclusive, complete, strength and conditioning program for serious competitors...
  • Why you need to load up with protein as well as carbs after exercise...
  • And so much more...

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Our members say it best...

You don't need to take our word for it. Here is what our global army of members have been telling us in recent months:

I'm an amateur athlete who's rapidly approaching 40. I wanted new training exercises and routines, as well as ways to rehab and prevent injuries and Peak Performance proved to be the perfect resource in achieving this. I'm also fascinated by the scientific data that you offer - I like knowing more about why a particular technique works not just how.
Colin Campbell, Massachusetts, United States

I have enjoyed Peak Performance because it has provided me with alternative ways of approaching my training. The science behind some of the research is invaluable to my training and PP provides a format that would otherwise be inaccessible to someone like me.
Vince Sesto, Victoria, Australia

Peak Performance is about convenience and being able to source quality information easily. How could you not like that? As an 'athlete' I'm always looking for new ways to break through the platos, free up the repetition and to achieve continuous improvement. I'm sure like most people, training and working limits the research time so having Peak Performance at my finger tips is a big help.
Darran West, Adelaide, Australia

I like Peak Performance because it offers a single place to get all the latest and professional information on athletic performance. Love the videos and articles that come out on a regular basis, please keep it

Loc H Ho, Toronto, Canada

The usefulness for me as a Coach is that it keeps me fully up to date with the latest research in sports science, so that I can maximise the performance of my rugby players. Also, with a back ground as a physical education teacher, I find it not only interesting but beneficial to read about what other sports are doing to enhance the performance of their athletes.
Bernie Kelly, Co Galway, Ireland

I think this is the most comprehensive and informative resource there is available. It has helped me as a trainer and an athlete to be able to better my knowledge base in an easy to understand format. When I have questions I seem to be able to find the answers on your website. Very good value for the money.
Jason Peat, Canada

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Your Risk-Free Trial Package

For just $1.97 (approx GBP £1.21), you get a two-month trial membership to Peak Performance, plus access to an extensive library of training programmes, exercise workouts and fitness videos.

You'll also be able to download your free Endurance Training for All Sports Pack, so you can print off your workouts straight away.

If you decide to continue after your trial period, your membership will be charged at the special six-monthly rate of $79.97 (GB £49.16).

If, for whatever reason you are not happy with your trial and decide not to continue, we'll send you a full and prompt refund of every penny paid - and you can keep everything you've downloaded – newsletter issues, bonus reports and your endurance pack – absolutely free.

That way, our research will have cost you nothing.

Since 1990, thousands of athletes and coaches have relied on the cutting edge scientific research in Peak Performance to help them win more events - and boost their performance to the next level.

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Become the athlete that outlasts the rest...

Don't let another rival outpace or outplay you.

Test my training plans now (and the ongoing advice and tips you'll receive in Peak Performance) and floor your competitors when you step out in the form of your career.

You'll thank yourself for making the right decision.

Let me know how you get on with the endurance workouts.

Best of luck,

Jonathan Pye,
Publisher, Peak Performance

PS. Don't forget - everything you get is yours to keep, and we'll even refund the $1.97 trial fee if you decide not to continue.

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