Friday, September 17, 2010

Noutati: Company Swimsense

Company Swimsense™

The Swimsense™ (Powered by SportSense™) is a groundbreaking training tool, which captures critical performance data. The monitor straps onto the wrist like a watch and uses accelerometers, magnetometers and patent-pending proprietary algorithms to identify your swim. Analyze your performance on the device with pace times, distance (meters/yards/laps), stroke count, stroke rate, distance-per-stroke and calories burned across all four major strokes. Performance data can then be uploaded to the FINIS® Swimsense™ training log for additional analysis and historical review. The Swimsense™ performance monitor provides a revolutionary degree of information, which is key to tracking and improving your swim performance.
Set goals and create workout plans on the Swimsense Online Training Log and sync the Swimsense Performance Monitor with the log to see your training progress. Swimsense automatically recognizes all four stroke types so triathletes, competitive swimmers and serious athletes can drill-down to see in-depth performance data.

Available this Holiday season 2010 with a suggested retail price of $199.99.

NEW Swimsense Performance Monitor Features and Benefits
  • Motion Sensors
    Automatically capture your swim workout as soon as you hit the start button. View current swim workout data and review prior workouts
  • Automatic Stroke Type Recognition
    Distinguishes between backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Analyze Workouts
    Review distance, splits, laps, pace times, stroke count, stroke rate, distance-per-stroke and calories burned
  • Swimsense Training Log
    Review swim workout data: laps, times, total distance, pace, stroke count, stroke rate, distance-per-stroke, calories, SWOLF efficiency score in all four strokes. Plan a workout, set goals and track your progress
  • Swimsense Dock
    Sync your Swimsense with the training log and charge its battery
  • Custom Settings
    Set unique pool sizes, meters, yards, gender and weight
  • Fully Updateable
    Download additional apps instantly
NEW Swimsense Online Training Log Features and Benefits
  • Analyze Your Swim
    Track laps, lap time, total distance swum, pace, stroke count, calories and SWOLF efficiency score, workout timelines and goals in all four stroke types; view workouts over time to track progress
  • Visual Dashboard
    View a snapshot of your workout with the ability to dynamically drill down into the details
  • Save Workout History
    Sync workouts to track history for as long as you maintain your subscription
  • Set and Track Goals
    Create goals and see visual a representations of your progress; construct a plan to achieve your goals
  • Workout Calendar
    View workouts by day, week or month
  • Search Function
    Find a workout by date range, distance, calories and more

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Swimsense is a trademark of SportSense, LLC

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