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Corespondenta din America ....

Re: 'Nuther article posted at H2OustonSwims.org (TOLst)

Dear Emmett,

Thanks for your http.....

your familly is very,very nice: wife, boys...alls is nice but your weith is to much... hihuhoha

you must lost some kilograms, quikly !!!

'thanx' for info, watch info.....
Bucuresti, Romania ++40722476223
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From: Emmett Hines
To: Mircea Olaru
Sent: Tue, September 14, 2010 8:10:00 PM
Subject: RE: 'Nuther article posted at H2OustonSwims.org (TOLst)


........from under a pile on the desk of Emmett Hines........
Another stroke counting watch…

From: Mircea Olaru [mailto:scanave@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 10:21 AM
To: Emmett Hines
Subject: Re: 'Nuther article posted at H2OustonSwims.org (TOLst)
...... from Mircea Olaru desk.....
[ ]
Dear Emmett, congratulations for the 2nd edition of your beautiful works. Romania precisely how we help you than your luck; you're young you can do something ..., I, at 74 years, only memories remain ......

Good luck, please send my one foto with your familly......Mircea
Bucuresti, Romania ++40722476223
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{this is my last letter to a website dealing with innovation ...}

Dear Sirs,
I am 74 years old, 60 of which were spent near the swimming pool, about 50 years of coaching with some modest successes... I've become interested by your activity, which I think can become a model for other organizations too...
I'm going to trust the discernment you must have, after so many successes, and I want to tell you about an idea that has no material end, and is not meant to bring a profit, but it can clarify the approach in reaching performance in swimming and other sports as well
Many years ago, around 1980, I've developed a new concept for swimming efficiently; initially, I started from a famous ancient quote 'festina lente' - and then I noticed that it works well for competitive swimming too.
As I was behind the Communist 'Iron Curtain' that prevented any contact with the outside world, my idea didn't reach the West at that time; it was completed in 1983 and published in the Magazine for Physical Education and Sports (no. 3/1983) in an article entitled 'The Biomechanical Efficiency Swimming Test (BEST)'. The article had a simple point - the efficiency of a swimmer is given by adding the number of strokes he needs to swim 50 meters with the number of seconds taken by this swim.
Going forward on this idea, I've tried to apply it to training children this way - as I was given the opportunity: I've asked them to swim as fast as they could but with the fewest number of strokes; surprisingly the children started to swim better, and ended up winning swimming competitions.
Then I had the proof that my concept had a practical utility, and I started to promote it... In 1995 I've discovered that American coaches (Hines, Hanulla, Maglischo, and recently also Bob Bowman / M. Phleps) had also independently arrived at the same conclusions. However, my formula is can be particularized for every swimmer, by taking his or her physical characteristics into account (see attachment, BEST definitions)
All this time, I've always been aware by the fact that the counting of the strokes had to be done automatically somehow... I tried to contact important companies, such as Speedo, in this respect, with little success, but last year, in UK, a company launched the Pool Mate watch that advertised this feature. I purchased a watch immediately, but was a little disappointed by its stroke counting accuracy and consistence...
Finally, I'm waiting that either Pool Mate improves and becomes the watch I've dreamed of since the 80's (accurate stroke counting), or that others understand my concept, its usefulness and the need to have such a tool for stroke counting - of course other features can be added such as wireless transmission of data to the coach, allowing real time feedback, etc.
With such support, the BEST concept could reach its true potential, and the training could become more scientific and better focused on optimal results.
Thank you,
What do you think such a letter .. ...?

From: Emmett Hines
To: Emmett Hines
Sent: Tue, September 14, 2010 12:47:47 AM
Subject: FW: 'Nuther article posted at H2OustonSwims.org (TOLst)

........from under a pile on the desk of Emmett Hines........
Hey Swimmers…
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emmett hines
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