sâmbătă, 16 iunie 2012

De la Giculici .....

si tu ... doua comori....
ce mai faci ?
eu, de cand m-am lasat de FB simt ca traiesc mai liber si dorm mai linistit, zau


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Merci Mircea, esti o comoara !!!! Gica

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swimsmooth just uploaded a video:
http://www.swimtypes.com - Swim Smooth's Swim Type system shows you the six distinct ways that swimmers classically swim, from beginner to elite competitor. Identify your Swim Type and we'll give you step-by-step instructions on how to improve.

Other videos in this series:

Introduction to Swim Types:http://youtu.be/2DXiYc2BIvw

1. The Arnie:http://youtu.be/8n94xHkxBtw
2. The Bambino:http://youtu.be/wdBU4fYMYSA
3. The Kicktastic:http://youtu.be/65e5sMr_268
4. The Overglider:http://youtu.be/OPrNv_G-YlQ
5. The Swinger:http://youtu.be/5NcXYN2IxOc
6. The Smooth:http://youtu.be/vceKCgkc9SE

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