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Professional Swim Coach
Professional Swim Coach
16 ianuarie 2013
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Aerobic vs Anaerobic
Inițiat de Clint Stevens
Like others pointed out, there's not really an either / or concept at work. In our own masters squad we definitely lean more to one side... mai multe » Comentariu de Kevin Joubert
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Inițiat de Greg Herzog-Executive:Sales-Mrktg-Operations
I agree with Rob. Find a way to solicit ideas from your team and see what is resonating with them. You could also pick out a few quotes... mai multe » Comentariu de Amanda Wall
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Goal Setting Techniques
Inițiat de Amanda Wall
Leading goal setting as a team is one of the most difficult things to do.. It's like taking a reservation at a restaurant, it is easy to... mai multe » Comentariu de Rob Bell
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How to Train Your Brain to Stay Focused http://ow.ly/gGGTD #swim #swimming #swimcaps
Inițiat de Alan Hofmeister
It's still get's mundane and repetitive. Comentariu de Alan Hofmeister
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Why Figure Facts' Teens Nutrition App is Perfect for Young Athletes http://ow.ly/gGH4m
Inițiat de Alan Hofmeister, President of SwimCapz.com
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Grant Opportunity
Inițiat de Amanda Wall, PR Pro by Day and Swim Team Owner/Coach by Night
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Mark Foster has finished putting together his ‘Sporting Hero Training System’ for his Swim Camp http://www.mfsa.co.uk next month – register now!
Inițiat de Amanda Smerczak, Marketing Manager at Swimming Nature and Sporting Technology
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Inițiat de Rob Bell, Sport Psychology Coach
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Swim Coach Job
Life Time Fitness - US -Indiana- Indianapolis

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